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Scott Ian Guitar - Anthrax

Zombie Guitar

There's no surprise that Scott Ian is a HUGE horror fan... including Zombies.  This guitar (only two made) is made from over 50 years of zombie movie memoribilia.  The wood comes from old support beams from a historic house in Los Angeles that we buried in the ground for a couple weeks to get ti ready for "zombification".  

The neck is maple and mahogany with a maple fretboard that is bound with old wood from the chapel in Night of the Living Dead and the side dots are old rusty nails from the chapel.

The rotten ribcage is a prop that Greg Nicotero from KNB EFX Group.  We made our own "blood and guts" from a mix of epoxies and fresco powder.  
And of course, there is actual dirt and grass from the site of the opening scene in Night of the Living Dead on the top of the guitar body.
Scott Ian has toured extensively with his #1 model of this guitar.

Skip to marker 07:58 for Scott's walkthrough of the Zombie

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Scott covers the Zombie Guitar in this Premier Guitar Rig Rundown.


“It's obviously a zombie guitar,” Ian says at (7:58). “I wish I can give you all of the details but I know that this peace of pine is actually from, I can't remember the name of the cemetery. It's the actual cemetery where they filmed Night of the Living Dead. Outside of Pittsburg. So, they went as far as to actually take this pine from the church that's there at the cemetery. They buried the piece of wood in the cemetery for a month….He did all kinds of stuff. These are actual coffin nails from a coffin from that time period at the cemetery that they used for the fret markers. This piece of ribcage was actually ripped off a zombie from the Walking Dead. Greg Nicotero, who does all of the effects for Walking Dead, they went to Greg's shop and he pulled it off like a zombie and he gave it to them and he said, here stick that on a guitar. So, they did… So, it's got all kinds of zombie goodness. One of my favorite parts about it is the whole through headstock. Just the way it's kind of eaten away. Like, you can't even see it really, but I just love the detail of that. So, yeah my Zombie guitar. Which I've been using on and off on the song Fight Them Till You Can't, which is about killing zombies. So, I guess it's kind of fitting.”

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