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McSwain Guitars

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McSwain Guitars

From our humble beginnings in an L.A. garage over 20 years ago, I have strived for McSwain Guitars to make its mark on the guitar world one build at a time.  My early days were focused on custom-only designs for my own use.  But then I started to think I might be onto something when our first guitar went to Steve Vai!  

Over the years, I have been very lucky to grow the business and expand our models beyond our custom-only work.  Inspired by the timeless beauty of classic brands like GIbson, Fender and PRS, we have seen the emergence of a number of extraordinary high-end, boutique guitar builders.  And today, I am proud for McSwain Guitars to play a role in this growing custom electric guitar market.   

We hope you'll love some of our designs as much as we do!  We invite you to check in often, follow our new models and spread the McSwain Guitars word!


Our most valuable resource is you, our community of clients, collectors and fellow musicians that support our designs and allow us to do what we love most.  Build Great Guitars!

Following our founding years in Los Angeles, the McSwain Guitars design studio and build shop is now located in the heart of Portland, Oregon.  
Head designer and luthier Stephen McSwain frequently hosts collectors, clients and musicians to tour the studio and get a sneak preview chance to test drive the latest builds.  If you are in Portland, give us a shout to schedule an appointment to visit!
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