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Red Baron Bass 

Meet the 'Red Baron Bass,' where vintage vibe meets modern thump. Wrapped in a timeless checkerboard pattern with a sleek red edge, this bass commands attention. With a tonal presence as bold as its design, get ready to hold down the low end like a Red Baron boss.

Standard Features:
  • Body: Solid 100 year old cypress McSwain double cutaway bass body with aged hot rod candy apple red metal flake polyeurethane finish showcasing raised .080” thick aluminum checkered flag squares on top of polished aircraft aluminum sheet.

  • Fretboard: ToneLayer aluminum-bound ebony fretboard with mirrored aluminum star inlays and our trademark screw side dots

  • Neck:  One-Piece Western maple 

  • Bridge: Hipshot Kickass bridge

  • Pickups: Arcane P-Bass style pickups.

  • Hardware: Nickel, one volume and one tone with .925 sterling silver McSwain gear knobs and .925 sterling silver McSwain signature logo.

  • Case: G&G Hardshell


Base: $5,495

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