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McSwain Boots Guitar

The Boots guitar is another one of Daniel’s from New York City. He had a custom pair of cowboy boots made from Nile crocodile skin, and he sent me the remnants and the scraps from the skin that was used for the boots. I carved a small boot and covered it with this crocodile skin, and it looks like a miniature version of his boot. There is a horseshoe in the middle that I hand-hammered out of steel rod and then inlaid into purple-heart wood, which I then inlaid into the guitar. I then carved a rope border around the perimeter of the top of the guitar. I really wanted to do something fancy with the headstock and logo, so I made my own custom barbed wire and made a Mcswain Guitar logo with it. On the back, on what's called the belly cut, I inlaid and placed an old bandana. I thought this would give it the authenticity of the rodeo with the bandana, barbed wire, rope, and the boot.

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