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Brash Beer Guitar

The Brash Beer guitar all started by a request from our store out in Houston, Texas called Infinity Guitars. Randy, the owner, sent me an email about a client of his wanting a custom beer guitar based on the graphic from a local brewery there in Houston called Brash Beer. The label is skate influenced, and I believe it’s based off of Tony Hawk designs. I have obviously done similar guitars before with old Budweiser beer cans, where I peeled the cans apart and laminated them to the top of the guitar body, and then seamed it all together with wire to make it look very uniform. Anyway, Randy sent me some of the beer cans and the labels, and I had those printed onto metal. I cut those out and laminated them to the top of the guitar, and then distressed them a little to make it look somewhat corroded. I wanted to give it an aged feel. They have a logo of a skull wearing some kind of British police officer, or Bobby, helmet. This was the inlay for the twelfth fret which was made out of sterling silver.

Cragar Guitar
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