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Here's the latest dirt (or dust, as the case may be...)

 The Dragon Dust was commissioned by my buddy Daniel in  NYC, who is the patron saint of McSwain Guitars, after he saw the first Dragon V that Tak Matsumoto of the japanese mega band B'z ordered.  Daniel wanted to see the Dragon realized with color. I carved it like the first Dragon, except continued the scales to wrap around the back of the guitar body and neck.  I stained the Dragon and gold leafed each scale...yes, it took A LOT of time!!!  But, it was all worth it!!!!!

Scroll down to see more pix (by my good buddy Kimo Easterwood of www.kimopix.com) and webisode 3 of Metalhead Shop Class (produced/edited/put together/wrangled by my brother, Jhon Doria of Future Shock Films.




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Love and respekt!!!

Stephen McSwain