Ryk Maverick of Starlingear is not only my brother in arms... but an amazing artist in many mediums. Click on the S Gear icon and be amazed!

Monkey Mischief  Otherwise known as Rich Clayton (at least to law enforcement) -  a creative mastermind among primates and not afraid to have fun with it. His design studio handles all manner of projects including this website you are looking at right now!

Axe Heaven  My buddy Jason Kline at Axe Heaven and I have teamed up to offer the Mini McSwains that can be seen in Guitar Hero 5.  These guitars are exact replicas of the full sized McSwain guitar models.  Also, check out their other amazing replicas. 

Kimo Easterwood  Kimo photographer and artist has worked his magic from behind the lens for me many time throughout this website.  He is a master of his medium and I am proud to know a person of this caliber!

Tone Pros  Dwight Devereaux is the mastermind behind one of the greatest changes to guitar tone in recent years. He basically took “the wheel” and reinvented it. Dwight and Tone Pros have always been so supportive of McSwain Guitars and Tone Pros is the only tune-o-matic and wrap around bridge that goes on a McSwain!

Imperial Customs  Donnie Baird is “THE MAN” when it comes to metal flake painting. Be it cars or guitars, Donnie’s work is unparalleled. He painted the very first “Flame” which is the same paint scheme as his slammed 1960 Buick Invicta.

Foredom  Foredom carving tools have been a part of the arsenal used to create McSwain Guitars for a couple years. It is one of the most versatile motor carving tools I have ever used.

Marty O'Brien  Marty O’Brien has played bass with everyone from Tommy Lee to Ben Moody to Disturbed. He is a great friend and an even better bass player!! Thanks for all the support Marty!

 24-7 Spyz  24-7 Spyz are the godfathers of heavy metal soul. Jimi Hazel and Rick Skatore are my long lost brothers and are a huge influence of my musical taste. Much love, peace and respect.

 Jammit  I WISH I would have had this little jem when I was learning to play guitar as a kid!  Mr. Scott Humphrey devised this brilliant application for the iPhone/ipod that allows you as a user to basically remix multitudes of your favorite band's records on your device! They are the ACTUAL masters from bands like Pantera and White Zombie to Alice Cooper and Foreigner.  You can isolate the tracks and slow them down in real time and learn the song note for note.  Bravo Scotty!!!

www.hannahthomas.net Hannah Thomas shoots amazing pics of people, places and things! I saw some of her shots of Jared Leto with his McSwain guitar and Hannah was gracious enough to allow me to post them here.  Thanks Hannah!!

www.loganriese.com  Logan Riese creates some of the most INSANE leather clothing/apparel available anywhere...period!

Cleartone Strings  I use Cleartone strings on all my guitars.  They simply sound better and last longer!